Italian liqueur Amaro Montenegro 750ml

Italian liqueur Amaro Montenegro 750ml

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Amaro Montenegro and its recipe’s unmistakable aromatic profile have become a symbol of Italy’s liquor tradition. Firts made in Bologna in 1885 by the young rebel genius Stanislao Cobianchi in homage to Princess Elena of Montenegro, future Queen of Italy. 40 botanicals from all over the world, selected, extracted and mixed according to a secret recipe, jealously handed down through the generations.

Taste: Unmistakable flavour, with a pleasant sweetness that fades into a bitter finish; warm, round and velvety. Persistent and complex aromas in the mouth, leaving a renewed desire to taste.

Country of origin: Italy

Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcol and natural herbal aromas

Allergens: Enthält keine Allergene.

Manufacturer information: Montenegro Srl.,Via Tomba Forella 3,40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO),IT

Warnings: Maßvoll geniessen.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place.