Sicilian Red Prawns Brilliante from Mazara del Vallo

Sicilian Red Prawns Brilliante from Mazara del Vallo

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Red Prawns are shot down with a very high heat shock. The processing is done quickly without rinsing or glazing to maintain all the freshness of the product.

These large size red prawns in 1 kg package are about 40 pieces per tray. 

What makes Sicilian red prawns special?

Don Gambero red prawns live at a depth of about 700 meters, where strong sea currents help make the meat firm and the high evaporation that the Mediterranean Sea undergoes in the warm season enriches the shrimp with mineral salts, giving it unmistakable flavor.
Ammaru Russu, the Sicilian name for Red Prawn, is also distinguished by its low calorie content and its high iodine content-a mineral that helps the proper functioning of our metabolism and regulates our energy level.

Mediterranean Channel of Sicily

Depending on market availability, red shrimp could be sourced from vessels not flying the Italian flag, but still fished in the Ionian Sea FAO Zone 37.2.2 and processed in Mazara del Vallo plants