Cochinillo Suckling Pig From Segovia

Cochinillo Suckling Pig From Segovia

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Toston suckling pig, or also Cochinillo of Segovia, is a product for the true pork connoisseur. An Iberian excellence and a true cult in the Castile region: the classic convivial Sunday dish to be eaten with friends and family. The local custom is to cut the piglet with a serving dish: this is to test, but above all to prove to the guests present, the tenderness and tenderness of the piglet.

Chef's Advice

For perfect cooking, it is recommended to cook the cochinillo in the oven for about 1 hour and 45 minutes: the first 20 minutes at 200°C, so as to seal the juices inside the piglet; then to give homogeneity to the cooking and tenderness to the meat at least 1 hour at 150°C and finally again at 200°C for another 20 minutes to make the crust mouthwatering and crispy.

What makes Segovian Cochinillo special?

The suckling pig, also known as the Cochinillo, is carefully monitored during all stages of its life: it already starts with its mother, who is healthy, fit and ready to nurse, and its diet, which is essential because the Cochinillo feeds only on its mother's milk.

Another important aspect is the habitat in which mother and child live: it is essential for an excellent quality product that they can be serene and live stress-free. All these factors mean that the only true Cochinillo de Segovia has a very clear, almost white rind and a slightly pinkish meat with unmistakable tenderness. A key characteristic is therefore the internal fat, but especially the external fat, which once cooked will be crispy and amber in color.

Segovia, SPAIN


Segovia Sucklilng Pig