Vegan Camembert Brie Aged Cashew Cheeze 180g (Nuteese)

Vegan Camembert Brie Aged Cashew Cheeze 180g (Nuteese)

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This blend of camembert and brie is made the same traditional way as its French namesake. Hard rind, mild taste and creamy texture. Aged at least for 15 days to allow the hard rind to develop and achieve the perfect mild taste and creamy texture. It is of course vegan.

Enjoy with a glass of Champagne or Pinot noir.

Keep refrigerated. Cheezes are good for 30 days.

Our vision is to live in a sustainable world, where all sentient beings are healthy and free. We bring our own contribution to building this better world by making absolutely delicious, healthy Cheezes that are free of animal products not compromising on taste or quality.

Philosophy All our products are hand crafted, free of chemicals, artificial flavours or preservatives. Fermentation plays a big role in maintaining a healthy gut by adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to the intestinal flora resulting in boosting the immune system. Fermentation and aging add a complexity to the Cheeze and intesify the flavours. Only premium ingredients are used in making our Cheezes. And the most important ingredient is love